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100 FPS v Counter-strike 1.6
Vemi vea ud m problmy, e im Counter-strike nechce da 100FPS. Tento nvod by vm mal pomc k tomu aby ste si mohli v klide hra na 100FPS a nemali iadne problmy.

1.) Nvidia: Njdite sbor ''C:/Windows/System32/nvoglnt.dll'' a skoprujte si ho
2.) Ati: Njdite sbor ''C:/Windows/System32/atioglxx.dll'' a skoprujte si ho
3.) In tip: Njdite sbor ''C:/Windows/System32/opengl32.dll'' a skoprujte si ho

Tento sbor ktor sme si skoprovali vlome do nasledujcej zloky.
- STEAM: ''C:/Program Files/Valve/Steam/SteamApps/vas ucet/counter strike/gldrv''
- Non-Steam: ''C:/Program Files/Valve/gldrv''

Njdite si zloku ''gldrv'' a v nej by sa mali nachdza 3 sbory a ktomu ete pridme n nakoprovan sbor System32.
V zloke ''gldrv'' si otvorme sbor "drvmap" a prepeme poda uvedenho zpisu:

- Nvidia: "Gldrv/Nvoglnt.dll OpenGl Driver"
- Ati: "Gldrv/Atioglxx.dll OpenGl Driver"
- In tip: "Gldrv/Opengl32.dll OpenGl Driver"

Teraz si kudne zapnite Counter-strike, otvorte si konzolu a do nej napte nasledujce prkazy:

fps_max "101"
cl_himodels "0"
cl_bobcycle "0"
cl_cmdrate "101"
cl_corpsestay "10"
cl_bob "0"
cl_weather "0"
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